A documentary short.

EMANCIPATED explores the authentic, brave life-stories told by individuals who have been affected, or continue to struggle with eating disorders. The film uses dance to reenact these anonymous peoples’ voices, and to remind us of the incredible gifts of the human body.



Directed by Abigail Tattle

Edited by Abigail Tattle

Director of Photography Melina Psarros

Original Score Composed by Brady Palubiski

Produced by Brady Palubiski, Megan O'Malley Wilson, Melina Psarros

Assistant Cameracrew: Riley Burg, Megan O'Malley Wilson

KeAra Blanton 

Asajahnique Collins 

Kaya DiLorenzo​

Regina Figaro 

Tara Gordon 

Elenor Juergens

Hannah Juliano

MaryKate Krege

Taylor Krzeminski

Victoria Leonard 

Maddie Peck

Daniel Preciado 
Brooke Stephenson  

Kara Sun

Special thanks to Harriet Brown, Megan Dietz, Lisa Thomas.


As I reflect on the release of this documentary, it looks far from anything that I initially imagined. It is also coming at a time where the world is terrifying and unpredictable. I understand that this documentary is anything but perfect… Yet, ultimately, I have come to recognize that it is these imperfections which actually strengthen and humanize the work. 


However, I still feel a responsibility to provide clarification and offer insight on this, "anything but average" production process. For instance, I understand that the title being “Emancipated” may be considered tone deaf in the wake of an incredible Civil Rights Movement for Black justice. Black lives matter. They always have and always will. The title was never intended to take away from the significance of this plight, nor was it selected to appropriate the struggle for racial/social equality and emancipation. Until we have equality, we cannot have peace. The cast and crew of EMANCIPATED stand in support of Black Lives Matter. 


Likewise, this documentary was a labor of love that was severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. As is the case with most films, the original vision for EMANCIPATED looked entirely different than our current creation. However, it didn’t help that, in this case, filming was forced to be cut short by about 3 weeks. What you see now, in the final cut, is rehearsal footage that initially would have never seen screen time. None the less, this ragged, handheld aesthetic actually works to strengthen our narrative! Perfection is a manmade concept. Therefore, it cannot and does not exist. We as human beings, strive to fit restrictive definitions of what we have collectively deemed to be the “perfect” life, body, relationship, job etc. However, this is an exhausting, unsustainable practice, and is one which EMANCIPATED seeks to combat in discourse. 


I have come to love this documentary with all of its unpolished, shabby, beautiful blemishes. I hope you will too! As director, it is my wish that this documentary educates the audience and awakens them to the reality of eating disorders. Like, COVID-19, these disorders are also a pandemic. Unfortunately, they are also highly stigmatized and therefore, often neglected. I hope you will watch this doc with an open mind, and come out of it with new information which helps spread love and body positivity. 

- Abby Tattle




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Connie Sobczak

Many themes were taken from this book (and others like it) to compile the anti-diet narrative of the documentary short, EMANCIPATED!

"The Body is Not an Apology"

  Sonya Renee Taylor