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Warning: Sensitive topics are discussed in this poem, including eating disorders and restrictive behaviors.

At their core, eating disorders are compulsions of the body.


To food.

To perfection,

The anti-human.

The manifestation of our misaligned cultural values.

Cultivated by the sense of finality that this decade is constantly beraded by.




World War III is coming, your grandchildren will never see a Polar Bear, your kindergarten classrooms are not safe.

There is hate. So much hate.

So much easier to hate oneself, since

You, Gen Z, are not doing enough to help!

Our decade is terrified of so much more than the word fat,

But yet, we fear being called it, and all it insinuates.


Failure to control.

Failure to succeed.

Since we must always think of our futures.

One day, you will be happy.

But only money can do so…

This is the only way you can succeed.

So, your bodies must be desirable objects, objects of currency and wealth

To attract a partner

Since spouse and parent are the only fulfilling roles to be.

You are not alone in this. There are so many of us silently suffering…

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