Click on the PDFs below to read my original spec scripts in their entirety.
All of the following involve mature content, language & themes.


Adventure, Short 

Ruby's Race is an adventure short written in collaboration with my filmmaking partner, Brady Palubiski.
The 2020 Short Film Directed by Brady Palubiski is a sequel to the award-winning short, RUBY, we find the same two friends about to compete inside an immersive racing arcade game. Who will win??
You can watch the short here!


Romance/Drama, Meet Cute Scene

This scene is taken out of a romantic feature film I am working on. The artistic vision for this story is to turn it into a musical in the same vein as Across the Universe. However, instead of The Beatles it is the music of The 1975 which carries us through the character's journey to find and accept the love they deserve. 
Pick up at Scene 16 to read Miley and Aaron's meet-cute. 


Drama, Pilot

MINTED is an original, hour-long drama. 
Set in Zurich, Switzerland, MINTED explores the world of sex, drugs, friendships, and wealth at a private, international high school which caters to the Swiss elite. When middle-class, American sweet-hearts, Brittany and Alyssa arrive, the school is in a climate of chaos. Gossip of a horrible sexual assault scandal looms about the school grounds...
But really, who is to blame? Will Brittany and Alyssa ever feel truly safe here?


Drama, Pilot

Momento Mori is an original half-hour scripted drama. 
Junior year sucks for everyone, but it does especially for clinically cynical sixteen-year-old Mori. She is more than ready to graduate.
Mori and her gang of lovable outcasts are just trying to survive rigorous modern pressures of academics, social media obsessed classmates, political-correctness, and all the bullshit involved in growing up.

More coming soon...

I am currently writing a feature length horror with my filmmaking partner, Brady Palubiski. Check out some of his work here!

Hey, are you bored? Click here to watch my Senior Thesis Film Project!