My ultimate destiny is to be a power-house female storyteller. It is my dream to emulate the raw, coming of age narratives created by the beautiful brains of directors like Ava DuVernay or Greta Gerwig.  Although I hope to eventually write fiction dramas for TV/film, take a look at some of the indie documentary filmmaking I have created in my young adult years. 
During the summer of 2018, I interned at the indie YouTube studio, MuchObligedTV. Here, I wore several hats, but primarily worked as a production assistant and post production coordinator. Click through below to see some of my editing work and watch me attempt to be a YouTube personality. 


Since quarantine began in March, I have transformed from undergraduate student, and assumed the role of screenwriter, executive producer and collaborator. I have joined forces with my filmmaking partner, Brady Palubiski, and assisted in the writing, production, and editing on short films and music videos. Below, you'll find our most recent releases.

In 2021, I took to music video directing! Check out STAY by Brady Scott - video by me! STAY A LITTLE LONGER by Sofija was edited by me.


My love for filmmaking started with iMovie. I learned the program when I was in middle school and continued to pursue my knack for editing by advancing my skills with Adobe Premiere Pro. During college, I jumped at any opportunity to piece together a timeline once more. Below are some of the PR and promotional content I've edited in collaboration with friends and peers in my extracirriculars. 
This past year, I've worked closely with the indie, acoustic artist Brady Scott. Brady hired me to assist him in the creation of promotional content for his upcoming sophomore album, Vertigo. The album will be out everywhere in May 2021. Take a look at his Instagram to find Reels, IGTV and posts I have designed, edited and published.  @thebradyscott


I started dancing when I was five years old and it has since then developed into a life-long obsession. Dance is the reason I fell in love with storytelling, as dance is one of the most raw, vulnerable forms of human connection. It is the emotional relationship curated between audience and performer that I find addictive, and this link is what I strive to emulate in my filmmaking.